Leading the world
in solutions for fluid handling

Aliaxis Utilities & Industry is a global network of brands. Our focus is on serving customers.

By bringing together strong brands with the best people, the group has today become one of the world’s largest producers of piping systems for construction, industry and utilities, and is a key player in high quality engineered products.

Every day we aim to earn your confidence. We work hard to become and remain your preferred partner.

How can we support your business?

At Aliaxis Utilities & Industry, we believe the right solution for you goes beyond simply supplying a product.

We work together with you to better understand your needs. We deliver the right solutions for all your fluid handling challenges, no matter how simple or how complex.

Our diverse pool of people, knowledge and specializations feeds a culture of innovation that continuously improves our offering to better meet your evolving challenges.

Aliaxis Utilities & Industry is committed to delivering reliability, efficiency and reassurance. We do this by understanding your needs.

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The Aliaxis Group

The Aliaxis Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of primarily plastic fluid handling systems used in residential and commercial construction, as well as in industrial and public infrastructure applications. Our brands have strong identity and are firmly established in the markets they serve.

Our people
An entrepreneurial spirit thrives in Aliaxis people. This spirit combined with the strength, resources and discipline of an international company, defines the Group. Thanks to our employees, Aliaxis continues to develop and improve its positions in key construction applications throughout the world.

Our know-how
At Aliaxis we combine our knowledge of local markets, customers, regulations and construction habits and leverage this knowledge at a regional and a global level. Thanks to that know-how we strive to provide consistent outstanding customer service, through our distribution partners, to building installers, infrastructure contractors and others.

Our reach
Aliaxis strives to maintain a balance between global presence and local awareness. We are a truly global company seeking to solidify our positions in key areas throughout the world. With a presence in over 40 countries, the Group has more than a 100 manufacturing and commercial entities and employs over 15.700 people.