The experience and know-how
to provide reliable solutions

Beyond being a supplier, Aliaxis Utilities & Industry is an exceptional talent pool of technical teams ready to put their skills and experience to work for you.

For over 30 years, our experts have established an enviable reputation in the design and development of solutions for fluid handling. In parallel, we have supported our customers by selling a wide range of products related to the movement of fluids and gases. In fact we supply a comprehensive catalogue of over 18,000 items.

Our involvement extends to providing specialised after-sales service, and delivering training and assistance, customised to the needs of each client.

The sectors we serve are extremely diverse, ranging from the chemical, electronics and textile industries to agrifood, gas handling and water treatment and transport.

Sustainable solutions for the water cycle:

from capture to waste via treatment, storage, distribution and collection after use.

Water is a unique resource. Managing it well is a complex exercise, with many players and stakes that are not only environmental but also human and financial.

Through leading consulting services and durable planetfriendly products, Aliaxis Utilities & Industry can help you today with sustainable solutions for every phase of the water cycle.

Sustainable solutions for industry:

without compromising efficiency, productivity or profitability.

The challenges for industry today are more far-reaching and demanding than ever.

Aliaxis Utilities & Industry has the consulting expertise and responsible products to help you achieve your goals, and satisfy every stakeholder.

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Industries Served

  • Chemical
  • Electronics
  • Agrifood
  • Textiles
  • Gas Handling
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Transport

Case Study


Extension of the Katco uranium mining facilities in Kazakhstan

Challenge: The project was for the replacement of the pipe network transporting the raw ore from the mining lodes to the treatment plant and the acid used for ore treatment; the mining site is subjected to extreme weather conditions and the ground is unstable. The project included 15 km of main and secondary lines (DN 500 and DN 250) plus accessories (fittings for bypasses, venting and dump valves, dismantling joints for metallic valves, instrumentation, etc.)

Solution: Aliaxis Utilities & Industry expertise helped the design team (EGIS and SEURECA in France) define the best products and the best installation techniques; we provided all the equipment from the simplest standard valves to large size custom fittings and special tools. Having only one supplier for all equipment was much simpler for EGIS from a logistic point of view for such a place.

Result: Thanks to timely delivery and product performance, Katco were able to replace the existing lines and triple the production capacity within 18 months.